Awareness of gender issues is a prerequisite for equality between women and men. Decision-makers and other actors must understand how much society has to gain from gender equality, and how much is lost by sticking to stereotype gender roles. Women have invaluable experiences and knowledge to contribute, and the fact that women are discriminated against in so many areas of society leads to society losing out a great deal.
In countries affected by war and conflict gender issues are way down on the political agenda. The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation collaborates with several feminist organisations that strive to improve awareness of gender issues. This includes academic studies and surveys on the situation of women in society.

At the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation we would like the knowledge and experience gained through our work with women's issues in war and conflict-affected regions to benefit more people. In order to contribute to positive changes regarding women's participation in peace processes and society in general, we publish regular reports and other material on issues that we are engaged in.

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation publishes an annual report that describes the work of the organisation in the year that has passed. The Annual Report contains information about the work of our partner organisations and the progress made during the year.