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Women are particularly vulnerable during and after a war and in conflict regions. At the same time, they possess valuable knowledge of the needs that exist, which is based on their own personal experience. This knowledge must be utilised if the work for justice, stability and sustainable peace is to show results in the rebuilding process.

By supporting the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, your company gives women in conflict and post-conflict regions the opportunity to influence their own lives. We offer different forms of collaboration depending on your company's size and business activities.

Donate a gift

By donating a gift, your company contributes to improving the possibility for women to influence social progress and to participate in the peace building process. A gift of SEK 10,000 qualifies your company for a diploma as a thank you. It shows that your company has stood up for women's rights.

Become a sponsor

As a sponsor you chose to support the Kvinna till Kvinna operations on a more long-term basis. Sponsorship could, for instance, comprise of a campaign or a special project, or the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation being the beneficiary of a product or activity. We together discuss forms of collaboration based on joint values, prerequisites and objectives.

Please contact us at or +46-8-588 89 100 for further information.